A Message from the Candidate

I’m honored to be a nominee for the 15th Congressional District of California. As a resident of this district for over 25 years, living in Hayward and Livermore, I’ve experienced first-hand the advantages and challenges of living here. I can represent your needs and concerns, and I ask for your support.

If you want a Republican candidate on the November ballot, it is critical that you vote in the primary by sending in your mail ballot, or coming out to the polls on June 3rd. California has a “top two” primary, in which only the top two vote getters will proceed to the November election. Without your vote in the primary, you could end up with a choice between two Democrats in the Fall.

Please vote for Hugh Bussell for United States Representative, 15th Congressional District.

Endorsed by the Alameda County Republican Party

Almost official results from the primary election!

From the California Secretary of State (http://vote.sos.ca.gov/returns/us-rep/district/15/), it looks like we made it into the general election:


These results are not official, but they are very close to being there. Thank you to all my supporters!



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Welcome to the Campaign

Now is your chance to get involved in the issues that you care about. As election time approaches, you have many opportunities to be a part of the team.

Contact us to let us know what you’re thinking, or Volunteer to join our team.

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